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Ver más ideas sobre humor de programador, programadoras, humor. Oursky, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. 8,939 likes · 26 talking about this · 435 were here. We don’t just build apps.

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Python. 5345. Telegram allowed 10000 members in a group, today it's 200000. And I still wonder why there should be a limit at all.

Oursky - Startsida Facebook

Telegram programmerhumor


Telegram programmerhumor

View in Telegram Preview channel If you have Telegram, you can view postsby @WAR_VIDEO_TG right away. View in Telegram Preview channel. News - @miningEthereum_bot. Group Members: 21480. FAST MTPROTO PROXIES FOR TELEGRAM Desktop v1.2.18+ macOS v3.8.3+ Android v4.8.8+ X Android v0.20.10.931+ iOS v4.8.2+ Send proxy:ارسال پراکسی Funny programmer and computer jokes (mostly from /r/programmerhumor) Also check out @programmerjokes for more 22491c0f.
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Telegram programmerhumor

Falsmania Wednesday, April 8, … View Telegram channel's statistics "💊今天份的微软药丸" - @macroshit. Subscribers, subscribers gained, views per day, forwards and other analytics at the Telegram Analytics website. 2021-01-22 Telegram: Contact @Bigmovess. If you have Telegram, you can view postsby @Bigmovess right away. View in Telegram Preview channel.

This channel is for Programmers, Coders, Software Engineers. Telegrams ‘BotFather’ is the way to get you started: see the docs. It is as easy as open telegram, search @botfather and send him /newbot as a message, few more steps like naming aaaand boom - bot is up!
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Press J to jump to the feed. 2012-01-22 Top Programming Telegram Channels. Showing top 20 listings Programmer Jokes. 111,884 members. This channel will serve you daily programmer jokes. Feel free to laugh Programming eBooks. 77,420 members.