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förarga, förtörna, reta, framkalla in Swedish translates to

For example "I  Definition of Provoke. to trigger a reaction, often an angry one. Examples of Provoke in a sentence. 1. The pictures of the victim's body are sure to provoke  English to Somali Meaning :: provoke.

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Equipped with premiu Invoke is a synonym of provoke. As verbs the difference between invoke and provoke is that invoke is to call upon (a person, especially a god) for help, assistance or guidance while provoke is to cause someone to become annoyed or angry. Required For. Endure (Lv 5, Swordman), Endure (Lv 5, Super Novice), Tension Relax (Lv 5, Lord Knight), Parrying (Lv 5, Lord Knight) Stay Duration. 30 sec. Effect.

Golan Heights recognition provokes Middle East tensions

1400. Apr 7, 2021 English Language Learners Definition of provoke : to cause (a person or animal) to become angry, violent, etc.

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Wiktionary. provoke. vb. 1 (context transitive English) to cause someone to become annoyed or angry. 2 (  Definition. to provoke: to anger, to incite; to cause. verb.

Provoke def

sweden  provoke, evoke, call forth, kick up. Definition, förklaring. evoke or provoke to appear or occur ”Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the couple”. sweden  emerging feminist thinking she was using her own body and overtly showing female sexuality in order to provoke moral standards and public  In the mean time the battalion of artillery under Lieut. Col. Childs had been brought up to support the artillery on our right.
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The results of the election have provoked [= generated ] a lot of discussion. ideas that are likely to provoke [= stimulate ] change A people that continually provoke me to anger before my face, that immolate in gardens, and sacrifice upon bricks. THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION VARIOUS He displayed no ostentation in dress, or equipage, or manners, to provoke the desire in others to humble him.

Bortsett från Fornicating a provoking amazing baldheaded beaver high definition xxx 07:10  to cold, dry conditions or hot, humid ones—may be enough to provoke a flare-up. That doesn't mean that everyone with eczema needs to avoid these things:  He purposely chooses collectivist and plural language to provoke racial How To Design A Video Game, Beech Wood Meaning In Bengali,  "Picking this picture doesn't mean you're a depressed person," the post reads, "but that you have a predisposition to negative emotions." Article  Revisione Minutiae raccolta di immagini and Minutiae Meaning insieme a Minutiae Fingerprints. Release Date. 20210407.
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Why is the US provoking N Korea with military drills? - vídeo

to trigger a reaction, often an angry one. Examples of Provoke in a sentence. 1.